For almost a decade we’ve been serving small businesses to light their brands on fire by establishing social media footprints and creating smoking hot content!

Social media is lighting the world on fire with new platforms rising from the ashes daily.

No longer is showing up on every platform enough – and worse, it will burn you out faster than you can start.

If you want to be relevant to your customers in 5 years and burn brighter today in this constantly changing social media world, you’ll need a laser focus that will ignite a spark connecting with your customers and burning out the competition.

This is what a brand on fire looks like.

Come on baby, light your fire!

Tip of the Month

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“My company hired Cindy to put together a monthly newsletter for us several months ago. From the start we were very impressed with Cindy’s creativity, passion and work ethic. The newsletter she created is now distributed monthly to my clients and as a result we have seen a significant increase in sales. Cindy has become an invaluable member of our team, and I would highly recommend her and her services to any business owner.”
David Elmasian
“Cynthia has a passion for social media. In order to stay ahead of the competition, Cynthia is willing to take risks in the areas of learning, research, and time. She cares deeply about creating the right social media strategy for each organization that hires her as an expert. She is truly dedicated to her craft as a social media marketer.”
Radiah K. Givens-Nunez
“Working with Cindy is both a professional and personal pleasure. Her work ethic is incomparable; she goes above and beyond the basic services agreed upon. She has been a strong support for me in re-working my website and helping me set up a related blog.”
Camille Linen, ArtofEnglish.net
“In just a few short weeks, traffic to my site has grown exponentially. She has become an invaluable business partner that takes care of the back end details that I just don’t have time for. Thanks Cindy, for exposing my business in ways I never would have dreamed of!”
Chris Austermann, Chris Austermann Photography

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