Five Easy Ways to Build Quality Twitter Followers

//Five Easy Ways to Build Quality Twitter Followers

Five Easy Ways to Build Quality Twitter Followers

Are you struggling to boost your follower numbers on Twitter? This is one of the most common complaints from new social media marketers, so you’re certainly not on your own! It is however an important concern and one that you need to address if you want to be successful.

Here, we take you through some super easy steps that you can use to increase your follower numbers.

Make sure your profile tells followers what you’re all about

Let people know what you do so they can a feel for what your business is all about and what they can gain from following you. Add your website address and a brief bio that sells your skills and knowledge. A photo is a great addition too – nobody wants to follow an egg! People will come to recognise your face and look forward to seeing your updates.

Add value in your field

One of the biggest mistakes that marketers make on Twitter is focusing on the hard sell. This sort of approach simply won’t work. Think carefully about your content and try to provide useful and insightful thoughts on the latest developments in your industry. When people realise that you really know your stuff, they’ll seek you out for the most relevant news, and they’re more likely to consider buying your products or services.

Reach out and start conversations

Don’t just wait for other people to come to you! Identify some fabulous Twitter users who you love reading updates from, and make a point of replying when they share something that you love. This is a brilliant way to get noticed and start building relationships. Ask questions, offer your own insight, or simply thanks users for their posts.

Take part in relevant Twitter chats

Regular Twitter chats take place in many industries, and they basically involve hash-tagging a certain phrase, and joining in the conversation with others working in your area of expertise. Once you’ve found some relevant chats to take part in, don’t just join in once then abandon it. If your name starts to get recognised, more people will start to follow you and look forward to your comments.

Promote your Twitter profile in other marketing materials

Make sure that you links on your blog and website to your Twitter profile. Include it in your email signature, and mention it in your offline marketing materials. After all, your existing and potential customers can’t follow you if they don’t even know that you use Twitter!

Never forget that a handful of relevant followers is so much more effective than millions of random followers. It is a numbers game to a certain extent, but slow and steady will always win the race.

Have you been trying to increase your followers? What tactics have you found most effective so far?


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