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Social Media Generation: Myth


With social media firmly established as a must have in the marketing toolbox, there is a persistent misconception that social media only appeals to those in their mid-thirties and younger.  This is a myth!  In fact, Boomers and seniors make up one third of social media users. That’s far to big a number to be ignored.  Boomers and seniors combined are spending close to $7 billion a year in online shopping. Take a look at your social media strategy and ask a few questions.

  • Is our marketing appealing exclusively to the younger generations?
  • How can I create ‘ageless’ content?
  • Am I capturing key demographic information from my followers?
  • Can I capitalize on a Boomer or senior trend in the marketplace?
  • What incentives can I use to entice older shoppers?

While it’s true that social media is an integral part of life for most 18-49s, the older generations should not be dismissed.  Many parents and grandparents are active on social media as a way of connecting with old friends, children and grandchildren. I know a few octogenarians who are quite active on Facebook. The snowbirds love it for keeping up connections in multiple locales. Don’t miss out on tapping into this market segment.

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