#Shopping by #Hashtag

//#Shopping by #Hashtag

#Shopping by #Hashtag


There’s a new way to shop. Twitter and American Express have teamed up to allow users to make purchases using a special hashtag. Cardholders using @AmexSync will use the appropriate hashtag to purchase the selected product from American Express Favorites. @AmexSync will then send a tweet containing a confirmation hashtag.  Once you tweet that confirmation hashtag, an email confirming the purchase is sent to you.  The email gives you fifteen minutes to change your mind. The purchased product is shipped to the billing address on file.

 Special offers will be made available for purchase but there are some caveats.  First, you need to sync your public Twitter account and your American Express account. Note: you won’t be able to do this with prepaid or corporate cards or with protected Twitter accounts. You will be making your purchases publicly, which means free advertising for the product you’re buying and for American Express. The hope for companies partnering with American Express is to create a buzz around their products.

Tweetshopping isn’t for anyone looking to comparison shop or looking for specific products.  Products offered will be a select few and offered for limited periods of time. However, if hashtag buying catches on, it may not be long before hashtags purchase options pop up in print ads and in commercials.

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