How to Generate More Business Leads on LinkedIn

//How to Generate More Business Leads on LinkedIn

How to Generate More Business Leads on LinkedIn

If you work in the B2B field, LinkedIn could be an excellent tool for generating leads. As the biggest professional network, it’s used daily by those who have business in mind, and as such, there’s a great potential for finding new work and making useful contacts. As with any social network though, you have to do more than just set up a profile and hope for the best. To make it work for you, you need to take a strategic and organised approach.

Here, we look at ways to use LinkedIn to generate business leads.

Ensure browsers know exactly what you do

When you’re completing your LinkedIn profile, you should always write with searches in mind. If someone was looking for what you offer, what would they search for? So, for example, imagine that you run a web design company. Having your title as ‘Owner of John Smith Design’ is unlikely to attract the right sort of traffic to your page. On the other hand, a title like ‘Web designer for small businesses’ is telling searchers exactly what it is that you do. If your business is the sort that operates in the ‘real world’ rather than online, it’s also useful to clearly state your location.

Use LinkedIn ads

Though LinkedIn is largely free to use, there is the option to use paid advertising to reach a large, targeted audience. If your audience includes business professionals, it’s possible that this approach could work well for you. Whether you have a modest or sizeable budget, you’ll find that there’s an option that’s suitable. Remember to continuously test the effectiveness of your advert and seek to improve your conversion rate.

Take part in group discussions

The best way to build a positive reputation via social media is to add value. Selling is the ultimate goal, but you need to be subtle about how you get there. Browse LinkedIn for groups in your industry and join two or three active ones. Anything more than this will be too many to handle, and you won’t see the best results. Make a point of visiting the groups at least every few days and answering questions and contributing to discussions. Over time, people will start to recognise just how knowledgable you are, and will keep you in mind when they’re looking for someone with your skills.

Treat your Products and Services page like a landing page

When you set up a company page on LinkedIn, you have the option to include the details of your company’s offerings. When you’re putting this page together, give it some careful consideration and try to think like a copywriter. Make sure that you’re talking in a language that will resonate with your target market, and include clear calls to action.

Make meaningful connections

Adding someone as a connection is a meaningful way of reaching out to them. Don’t get carried away though and start adding everyone that you come across. If you have a shared connection or a mutual interest, send them a personalised note to let them know why you’re connecting. Resist the urge to spam, which will never have a good impact on your business.

To avoid overwhelm, try to put one of these tips into practice every week. Slow and steady often wins the race in social media, and you should bear in mind that, just like in the real world, it takes a while to cultivate relationships.

Do you use LinkedIn to generate business leads? What tactics have you found to be most effective?

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