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Did you know you can use your Facebook account to share a Wi-Fi hotspot?  You heard it right.  Using a device named Karma and an app installed on your device via your Facebook account, you can set and share up a 4G hotspot. There are a few catches: with the purchase of the $79 Karma, you get 1GB to use as you wish. Users searching for Wi-Fi hotspots will see names such as Cindy’s Karma or Firebrand’s Karma pop up in their list of available networks. If they choose, they can login to your social hotspot after installing the same app via their Facebook account.  They get 100mb to use and for each user who logs on to your hotspot, you also get 100mb.  How’s that for building good social karma?  For a look at this handy little item, see the USA Today video.

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