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Twitter Tips for Beginners


We shared 10 Twitter Tips for Beginners on our blog at the Stratford Patch and thought we could go into greater detail on a few of the key points. Twitter can be overwhelming. Many of our clients have tried it and gotten frustrated or avoided it altogether. While we agree it can be overwhelming, using hashtags to help build your initial following and followers are great ways to start.

The Hashtag (#): Hashtags were an organic development among Twitter users. It is a way to search and be searched by keywords related to your business or area of interest. For example, marketing professionals may use #marketing or #contentmarketing as hashtags when searching or sending tweets.

Hashtags help narrow the vast amounts of information available.

Social media pros like @freemcauley use Twitter for searching much the same as others use search engines like Google. If you don’t want your tweets to get lost in Twittersphere you need to be using hashtags related to your tweet content.

In the beginning of your Twitter experience, hashtags will help you identify thought leaders in your field or area of interest. It will help you build a following of quality people, not just random users.

Quality Following: Because there is so much noise

[information] on Twitter it is important to start your account with a quality following. You will have to do less cleaning up on your account later if you’re taking a targeted approach to following users.

Use keywords and see who is using them as hashtags. #Socialmedia and #marketing are two of our favorites for finding thought leaders in our target market and areas of interest. Bloggers may choose #blogging or #freelancelife as a place to start.

Run your account yourself before hiring a Social Media Manager. It is important to understand your business before handing off social media to someone else. Social media is a conversation with your clients/customers and prospects. Until your start-up has a clear vision and goals, it doesn’t make sense to pay someone else – You’re going to pay a social media manager to reach out to an audience that isn’t yet well defined for your business.

As your business develops there will come a time when you want and can afford to hire a social media manager. Until that time, keep following our tips and focus on growing your business. It will be well worth it later!

Twitter Tips for Beginners

  • Use of the hashtag
  • Build a following by following quality people
  • Run your account yourself…at least to start…so you can be targeted in your approach


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