What’s Next For Tumblr?

//What’s Next For Tumblr?

What’s Next For Tumblr?


When Yahoo announced they were taking over Tumblr, the Web took notice. Yahoo’s rep for being your grandma’s email provider and news source seems a far cry from Tumblr’s microblogging hipster vibe. This is Yahoo’s attempt not to remake the popular site but to allow their advertisers to tap into the young, vibrant culture of 18-30 year olds who are more likely to have more disposable income.

The younger crowd who have abandoned Facebook have mostly migrated to Tumblr. Tumblr’s quick, edgy, and highly visual style makes it unique. Many of its users access it via mobile apps rather than desktop. It doesn’t have the length limit of Twitter, although most posts are short or nearly entirely visual. Combining searchable hashtags, photos, and the beloved GIF animations with video and audio posts, Tumblr has combined the best of all social media into one platform.

Yahoo has promised not to change anything and Tumblr has sworn their team, location and model is, “not going purple”.  We’ll be watching. This merger has the potential to launch Tumblr into the stratosphere.

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