5 Quick Ideas For Social Media Updates

//5 Quick Ideas For Social Media Updates

5 Quick Ideas For Social Media Updates

Though your social media strategy should guide your campaigns, there comes a point in the life of any social media manager when inspiration is hard to find. For these times, it’s wise to have a few tricks up your sleeve so that you can provide your audience with some high quality content.

Here, we take a look at five quick and easy ideas.

Add a picture

Research shows that posts with pictures get much higher levels of engagement, so this is always a good trick to try. Whether it’s a picture of your staff hard at work, an infographic that solves a problem or creates a conversation, or just something fun and lighthearted, it’s almost guaranteed to go down well. Of course, make sure that the image fits in with your overall strategy, and never use someone else’s picture without their prior permission.

Ask a question

Asking a question is a great way to get people to interact with your brand, and you can also take away some pretty useful knowledge for your business. You could ask what customers love about your products, what they use them for, or what they’d really like for you to produce next. Keep track of the answers and respond individually wherever possible.

Tell your audience about life in your business

Regular updates about what you’re having for lunch probably isn’t the best approach, but the odd update on daily occurrences in your office can work really well. It also gives the audience an insight into how things really work, and can add an element of ‘human’ to your business. People like to buy from people, so this is great news for your bottom line.

Give a teaser of your new products

Social updates can be a great way to create interest in your new lines and have customers waiting on the edge of their seats. It’s also much cheaper than TV advertising and other more traditional methods! Use pictures, and focus on the benefits of the product rather than services.

Recycle an old blog post

If you’re just sharing your blog content once, you’re missing a trick! You’re bound to have some evergreen content that can be shared again a few months later for new followers and those who might have missed it first time round. Similarly, old posts may become relevant again thanks to a recent news story. Don’t be scared to review your old content and take it out for a spin again.

What tactics do you have for those days when you’re a little bit stuck?


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