Understanding Your Audience

//Understanding Your Audience

Understanding Your Audience


You are out there, on the social media channels trying to connect with your followers and fans but are you doing it with a full understanding of your audience? You may be writing posts aimed at who you think your audience is, while the reality is that you’re missing the target all together.

In order to better target your message it helps to develop what are referred to as personas. Personas are imaginary people who embody either your existing audience or your desired/expected audience. These characters help to define who you are speaking to with each post you write. It is up to you on how detailed to make a persona and multiple personas may be necessary in order to account for the diversity of your audience.

There are a variety of free analysis tools available that will provide demographics of your existing audience on various platforms. For example Facebook provides insights for any fan page that reaches 30 likes and LinkedIn provides follower insides for any company profile. This information can provide a starting point when developing the personas for your business.

A basic persona should answer the following questions:

  • What is their gender?
  • Where do they live?
  • What is their age?
  • Do they work? If so, what type of job and what is their salary range?
  • Are they married? Have kids?
  • What is their education level?

If you need to drill down even more on your audience then consider including:

  • What do they do on their free time? What are their interests?
  • Do they have pets?
  • Do they access social media through their computer or mobile device?
  • What do they use the specified social media platform to do?
  • What problem do they have that could be solved by your product or service?

You may have a separate set of personas for each platform; if it helps, you can even go so far as to give your persona a name and a face. Do whatever helps you or your company to generate content that will speak directly to, and resonate with, your target audience.

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