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Employing social media for your business has become a necessity in this era of connectivity. Social media is an incredibly powerful tool. So are you a novice, an apprentice or a master craftsman? Your social media presence is like a block of wood. How well you shape it and work it will depend on how skilled you are with the tools at hand.

As a novice, you would be able to create a presence on social media. Hopefully that contains a good profile and all the basic information about your business. You might have some events or special offers listed. So you’re in the social media show, but now what? And that’s where some business owners get stuck. “I’ve got this presence, but what do I DO with it?”

As an apprentice, you would have a good grasp of the procedural tactics of social media. You would use all the tips, tricks and tools at your disposal to attract followers. Your page will have good content and a decent following. But are they engaging in conversation and are they becoming customers? Numbers alone mean nothing.

Master craftsmanship should be your goal. A master craftsman in social media not only uses all the tools in the toolbox, but uses them judiciously to create a carefully crafted image. Visitors and followers alike will have an excellent understanding of not only what your business does, but what your core values are and how you value and engage with your customers. The master craftsman viewed the social media block of wood and found the great wooden bear hidden within it.

In short, knowing all the tactics – the tips, tricks, features – of social media will only get you so far. Creating the strategy – understanding the ‘why’ behind all of those tactics – will allow you craft a social media presence that is powerful, meaningful and engages your audience. Visitors become followers. Followers become customers. Customers refer new visitors. There’s a cycle of growth born of a good social media strategy.

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