Is Your Blog Pinnable?

//Is Your Blog Pinnable?

Is Your Blog Pinnable?


Using the right approach, Pinterest can be a great way to generate interest in your blog.   The highly visual-oriented social media platform will need not just compelling content but also compelling visuals. It’s these visuals that will be pinned to your Pinterest board and then re-pinned by others. So what makes one image more pinnable that another?

Look for good color usage, bold fonts, clear concise wording, and infographics.  Steer clear of hard-to-read fonts especially when it is overlaid on a background image. Pick out key points from your post to highlight as a quote box.  If you’re using statistics consider using graphs or other visual representations to illustrate your points.

When pinning your image to the board, keep the description short but informative.  Aim for something no longer than a tweet and using hashtags will be vital for users who share pins via Twitter and Facebook.

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