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Humanize Your Brand via Social Media


The impact of social media has changed the perception of people. You need to expect and be prepared for any change that may cause a positive or negative impact on your brand. Humanizing refers to associating a humane feeling with material or abstract objects. The object could be your brand, too. If you are trying to connect with every customer on an individual level you are humanizing your brand. In order to adopt such a style you might require a change in the way you respond to customers, especially through social media. Here are some tips worth trying:

Humanize your Staff: Your brand represents your company and the people working with you. Initiate with your staff so that the effect could be transferred into your brand. According to Michael Brito, while in search of how to go about humanizing their brands, many companies have been failing to recognize that they should start with the staff. By celebrating events and occasions and engaging your staff to mention as much information about them on social media as possible, you can reflect that your company has a language and culture like a human being.

Feel like a Social Network: You ought to know what the “Gurus” of social media feel about the people and brand. As per Senior Director, Facebook, Alferdo Tan, this social media site does not discriminate between people and companies. Hence, you should operate as egalitarian as the social network of yours.

Keep a check on Posts: While having an eye on what your employees discuss with the people and potential buyers of your brand on social media, it is a good option to keep on top of middle management from your accounts. In most of the cases they are unable to deal with issues as successfully as your staff at the customers end. And you also don’t want your executives to disclose company’s secret recipes online.

Transform your Customers to Partners: If it is possible, engage your customers in the publicity of your brand like the brand ambassadors. Some organizations have become very successful by sharing videos of customers to advertise their products on social media. In fact, it is easy to let the public face the public to establish better understanding of the product.

Invite people: You might be unable to give access to people to experience the business you are doing. However, inviting people to some parts of it might be a good option. Giving live information as much as possible can be equally good. IPL; an Indian league cricket gives the opportunity to its fans to create their own virtual teams and compete online. Moreover, it shares fans’ tweets live during a cricket match. As a result, it has received 40 million tweets within 7 days of the start of the event.

Admit mistakes: A humanized brand can never be flawless. It is better to own mistakes and give a feeling that your company acknowledges any flaws in the product and knows them. Understanding this fact, people always go for the product that accepts its flaws and promises to be better in the future.

A humanized brand can make people closer to you as it is a true reflection of what people think of you and how you react to balance their perception about your brand. Your presence through any means possible, however, is essential as with social media you never know when you could get washed out.

Cynthia Cavoto is the Founder/Chief Fire Starter of Firebrand Social Media, LLC. She can be reached at (203) 414-5509 or

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