Success in Social Media Requires Flexibility and Willingness to Change

//Success in Social Media Requires Flexibility and Willingness to Change

Success in Social Media Requires Flexibility and Willingness to Change

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last five years, it’s that success – in any business, but particularly when working with the rapidly-changing environment of social media – requires flexibility and willingness to change. That which may have worked five years ago to achieve visibility certainly wouldn’t work today, and that which may work today may not work in six months.

Frequent change is what I love – and ironically, what sometimes frustrates me – about this industry. Social media is always in flux, and there’s always something new on the horizon (such as another Google algorithm change) that sends everyone scrambling to stay ahead of the curve and remain visible.

As my business evolves and I find myself forced to change my business model, adjusting the services offered, I realize how crucial it is to remain flexible and open to new ideas that will help me achieve the goals of each of my clients. The same formula that works for one won’t always work for another, and because social media is less science and more art and creativity, a variety of different approaches may have to be tried to realize results.

If you’re trying to gain traction with your social-media efforts and feel as if you’re not getting anywhere, don’t give up. Social media can be an essential tool in your marketing arsenal. And if you’re not grabbing the attention of your target market with what you’re doing, try changing your message, the platform you’re using to reach them or simply staying on course with what you’re doing. (There’s a lot of activity out there, and sometimes you need to just keep sending out your message to be heard above the din).

My business is evolving, and it’s been a roller-coaster ride for me as I deal with rapid growth and make adjustments to my business model. But success – in any business – doesn’t come from giving up when you come to a blind curve in the road; it comes from slowly navigating that curve without careening out of control.

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