Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

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Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

In the digital age, everyone is online. New social media networks are popping up all the time and the most recognized one like Facebook and Twitter continue to grow. Social media is a very important way to share information and make connections, but mistakes can turn that process into a disaster almost immediately. Protecting your reputation is just as important as building your brand.

1. Social Media Cleanse

Just because social media is available with a few clicks of a button, that doesn’t mean you need to use it that often. Don’t post every detail of your life online for everyone to see. Never make negative posts about work or previous jobs or use social media instead of working (unless it’s your job). Don’t initiate disagreements in comments or highlight controversial topics without having the facts.

2. Privacy Settings

Once a post is on the Internet, it’s on the Internet forever. It doesn’t matter if you take it down. Change your privacy settings to make sure only your friends and family can see your posts. However, companies do have ways of viewing profiles with privacy settings, so make sure to censor or un tag your “party pictures” from the weekend! Changing your passwords often is also a great idea, and adding numbers or symbols that you have to write down to remember will keep the hackers away.

3. Live Your Brand

Google yourself. Seriously. Whatever comes up in your search should be about you and boost your online reputation. Services like allow you to bury negative or unrelated links while promoting your positive social media profiles. Also, clear out old or unused web pages to de-clutter and have a more universal digital footprint.

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