Social Media and SEO go hand in hand

//Social Media and SEO go hand in hand

Social Media and SEO go hand in hand

Ever since the emergence of websites like Facebook and Twitter, the term social media has been thrown around to describe social interaction online. But what is it really? Social media is social interaction between people who create or share content through virtual networks. Social media websites involved having a profile and setting up content relevant to the owner and connecting with friends and family.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an Internet marketing strategy that shows how visible a website will be in a search engine search. SEO deals with the exact term that people search for and the specific search engine they use to search. The most popular search engines are Google, Yahoo! and Bing. There are several ways to optimize a website so the content will rank higher in a search engine, including editing the content with more relevant information, place specific keywords in the content which are searched most often, and increasing the number of links on each page.

The More Traffic the Better

Social media and SEO really go hand in hand because they compliment each other. Posting and sharing content on social media can increase the amount of traffic the post receives, which is a determining factor in search engine ranking. The search engine can determine that someone visited a page, how long they were there before clicking away, and if they watched any video. The longer someone stays on the page the better the chances or ranking higher, because it tells the search engine that the content is good.

Any Search is a Good Search

SEO doesn’t just apply to search engines. The tactics can be applied to any website that has a search bar including social media or consumer websites. The video website YouTube has the second highest amount of searches per day, and the more searches a website has, the more search engine rankings it has. Every search is saved, and searching for similar or exact keywords and phases doesn’t really hurt a website ranking.

What’s Your Rank?

Websites like allow people to check their search engine ranking and see how it has changed over time. In addition to ranking on the first page of a top search engine like Google, links can also appear as videos, photos, in-depth articles, or an answer box in a search. The more the content is shared or viewed, the more rankings it receives. So the content is shared through social media and the more it is shared, the higher it ranks in search engines. Overall, social media and search engine optimization can’t really exist without each other. Social media sharing helps search engine optimization to make sure the best content is available first in a search. There are dozens of social media websites and millions of searches, so content is always changing and search rankings are always being changed.


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