When it Comes to Social Media, Content is Key

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When it Comes to Social Media, Content is Key

Social media is a bit like follow the leader, but it’s also a two-way dialogue. People like what you post and begin to follow your content by commenting or sending a friend request, which begins a digital conversation. You then comment back or at least check out their content. Most content added to social media is helpful in some way to the viewer, who then shares or promotes the content to make it viral. The content has to have some value to those who see it or it can actually hurt your digital footprint.

There is Such a Thing as Bad Publicity

Mystery is a good quality to have. Don’t put your entire life online. When creating social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc it is important to include facts like your name, job, location so people can find you. However, your specific address may not be the best choice and safety can be an issue. Photos are another major area that can be censored and benefit you in the end. Headshots and beautiful pictures of your vacation or daily activities are fine, but those drunken weekend pictures aren’t doing you any favors. Privacy settings can be helpful here to make sure only friends see the posts if you absolutely need to post them.

Everybody Loves to Win 

Contests are a great way to create interactions. Using an application like Rafflecopter or Offerpop has been proven to increase social media followers since users have to like your pages in order to enter to win. Few people go back and “unlike” the pages after the contest has ended. Choose a contest or sweepstakes that will appeal to your target audience like entertainment or household products that are useful to obtain more traffic. Promote the contest through social media posts daily or weekly until you announce the winner.

Having a solid digital media presence is a good idea in the long term and the short term, but it always comes down to content. People are interested in ideas and specific things, not just what is going on in your life. Keep your posts engaging and filled with helpful or competitive content to increase your social media presence exponentially.

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