When In Doubt: Google, Google, Google!

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When In Doubt: Google, Google, Google!

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Billions of people use search engines multiple times a day to find information online, and Google finds pages and pages of results for each search. However, there are ways to craft a search so that Google finds the most accurate results. When developing social media, it is important to use keywords that Google picks up as being relevant in a search so your social media pages are always the top ranked results. Google is the highest ranked search engine, and when you combine billions of searches with keywords, you have a recipe for search engine social media gold!

Google Alerts Can Be A Lifesaver

Keywords are the most important words you can include in your posts, since the Google search algorithm scans each social media page for the relevant keywords. Through Google, you can set up alerts for keywords so you are notified when they appear in popular new stories. Or set them up to show your social media posts and see how much traffic they are receiving. Google alerts can be set weekly or daily and on expire if you set them to end. They are also great when you want to blog about popular stories, since Google will send you an alert when the keyword is trending so it can be covered.

Google Gives You Notes on the Competition

Since Google is a popular and well-used search engine, so the results include all types of links. Posts that appear on the first page of Google have the highest rank and usually receive the most traffic. Google allows you to see posts and social media pages from other people and see how their pages rank against your pages. It’s also good to see how other posts are doing and see the tactics of the competition. Google will have the keywords used in bold so you know which ones are the best.

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