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Optimize Equals Socialize in the Digital Age

The word optimize has been around long before the age of social media, but it is one of the key ingredients to increasing social media outreach. To optimize means to improve the efficiency of a situation or resource. So to optimize is to create change. Search engines change their algorithms every so often in order to find the best and most relevant content for each search, so your strategy should also change in order for your content to stay at the top. The keywords also change depending on your topic, and optimizing your pages with the most popular keywords is key to increasing social media traffic.

Alone at the Top

No one company can be ranked first in every keyword search. It is statically impossible and I’ve looked. Just focus on one or two keywords that are the most relevant to your content and optimize them so they will be ranked higher in search engine results. These keywords should actually be sentences or short phrases, since most people search for more than one word to find the content they are looking for. With more information and keywords, the search engines are able to find more accurate and precise results, and when you use the same keywords your content will appear on the first page. Optimizing keywords in the headlines or your posts is also a key factor, as is getting the content shared across social media platforms as much as possible. More shares equals a higher search engine ranking.

Don’t get caught in the spider web 

When your content is being scanned in a search engine, a “spider” crawls through the content and looks for specific items. The “spider” looks at the headline, sub headings, images and anchor text (which is the word or phrase containing a hyperlink). Remember to spread your content out and don’t use all your keywords in the first few sentences. They should appear about every one hundred words or the search engine will dismiss it. Keep the headline short and to the point, and make sure your first instance of anchor text is relevant since that is the most important and first link that the search engine finds.

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