Social Media as an Effective Marketing Tool

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Social Media as an Effective Marketing Tool

Social media is everywhere, but what is it? Social media is a tool that allows people to share information through virtual communities. These days, everyone seems to have there own social media pages. The most popular social media networks are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. They each garner millions of views each day and have billions of users. With that much exposure it makes sense that these social media websites and others are the new go to place for marketing. The majority of users are also young adults, which is the largest market for pop culture and information at this time.

Creating social media pages is a great way to expose your content to a whole lot more people. However, expanding your social media pages is a more easily said than done. There seems to be a belief that if a Facebook page has thousands of likes, then it is very successful and thousands of people see the content. So getting likes becomes just as important as the content posted to the page. There are many good ways and bad ways to obtain more likes, and there are also no shortcuts. Now, the difference between the good and bad ways is still a matter of some debate, as the world of social media and the Internet is a relatively new field.

The best option but by no means the cheapest option is to pay money for advertising and drive up your likes that way. You can pay to boost an individual post to find a greater niche of people that would enjoy it, or you can pay for the entire page and try to get people or groups that would be interested in the content you provide. Some of the good ways to do this without paying include using ladders, which are groups that allow users to post links to their pages on the condition that the poster also likes the pages shared by others. Sharing across other social media pages is also helpful, because everyone has at least one social network, but they might not have all of them.

Because social media is so new, it’s impossible to tell if organic generation of likes is better than paid likes, since even paid likes are not guaranteed. Everything is based around algorithms and website coding these days. Much of social media is about chance: the best times a day when someone will see a post. Because of this, social media is a hot topic for marketing, but it may not be the most successful tool for marketing in the digital age when not everyone is on every social media network.




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