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Do the Research

Putting an idea on social media doesn’t have the same effect as it used to. With so much information out there, you really have to grab a reader’s attention and provide compelling information. Most people claim to have a niche, or a specific area where they have more knowledge that the average person. Popular niches for bloggers include social media, baking, entertainment or gossip and money. But in order to have a niche, you have to do the research. You can accomplish success in social media through trial and error practices, or you could study what does and does not work for social media posts across all platforms.

Keep it Short

A long attention span has become a thing of the past in the age of the Internet. However, having only a short window to get someone to click on your post can actually work to your advantage. Keep your post short, simple and to the point. Take Twitter for instance. The website allows you one hundred and forty characters to get a message across, but tweets that use less than the maximum amount of characters get clicked on more, according to research. Keep the information intriguing in order to grab the attention of the person scrolling, which applies to any social media website.

Don’t Give It All Away

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it also gets a person to click on a link. You want a headline that will make someone click, if you give away all the information in the title, they will just scroll right past. Use the title or headline to tease the information, done best by asking a question, and then provide the answer as the reward for clicking on the post. Curiosity will get the better of people every time, especially if the information isn’t readily available elsewhere. And once your content has performed well on social media, add it to another social media account to bring in more traffic, or send it out at a different time of day.

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