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Social Advertising

As social media evolves, so does advertising. Ever since Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and other popular social networking web sites were born, marketing and advertising opportunities have grown exponentially. Advertising on social media has evolved from simply being a post or an image to a whole web page full of ways to communicate an idea. Because social media provides information nearly instantly with just one click of a button, it’s the ideal way to transmit important information to large groups of people quickly.

Advertisements will not be Ignored

Everyone is used to seeing banner ads on the edges of different web pages, usually linked to something they want to buy or have search for online recently. This is similar to print ads in magazines, where the ad was placed near the content the viewer was seeking, without interrupting it. Now ads pop up in smartphone applications and on web pages all the time, forcing the viewer to watch or participate before they can move on. This interaction really forces the viewer to see the advertisement, and although they may find it annoying, the product is still seared into their brain’s subconscious for later. This is way people recognize popular slogans for fast food restaurants without actually revealing the name of the restaurant. For social media, the newest wave of advertisements is looking to video.

Video is the Future

There are applications today like Vine and Snapchat that allow instant video and picture messages to be sent to others with just the click of a button. Instagram has enabled video posts or varying length, depending on how the user wants to edit the video. The introduction of video use also introduced the idea of video ads. These ads will appear in a users feed when scrolling just like on a web site, except they are only on the application itself. This is how companies are choosing to advertise: socially. Everyone has a smart phone or access to apps, so instead of just relying on television or print, the advertising industry is joining the social revolution the only way it knows how. By adapting to their viewer market.


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