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Pinterest is the Future

Facebook and Twitter are considered to be the two most popular and most used social networking websites so far. However, Pinterest is becoming more addictive than both of the other social networks due to its usability. The social network is primarily imaged based, which draws people in and makes them stay. The web site covers every topic from food to fashion to travel and especially do it yourself projects. This makes the web site attractive to everyone from individuals to business owners worldwide.

Hoarders Anonymous

Pinterest is very simple in it’s design, with just images all over the page that can be searched or sorted into categories. It’s the mother load for anyone looking for mass content in a specific area. Each image is linked to a web site, so all the user has to do is save the image to a board, and they can visit the web page whenever they want. Like other social media web sites, Pinterest relies on users to generate content, and the more users share the content, the better a social networking web site does. Repin or like posts to add them to boards and follow friends to see what they have on their boards. However, content and not interaction is still the main focus of the web site.

Accessibility is Key 

Unlike other social media web sites, Pinterest is connected directly to the Internet browser. You can be on any web page and click the Pin It button and the content will be saved to your boards so you can see it anytime. No logging in, no hassle, just a click of a button and then you can resume your web searching. Anyone can post informative content on Pinterest, and have his or her pins featured or accessed whenever a relevant key word is searched. This is unlike Facebook and Twitter where content is somewhat based on popularity and how many likes or retweets a post has. On Pinterest, the content can be shared tons of times, but the actual number isn’t listed underneath the content for everyone to see.




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