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What is Buffer?

Many people may not have heard of Buffer, but it is the future of social media management. Buffer is a lesser-known software application that can help users manage social media posts for applications like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. But what sets Buffer apart from other social media management software like Hootsuite or SproutSocial? It’s partially automated. Buffer is the Siri of the social media management world.

Other social media management software makes the user input all the posts, images, links, etc and then makes the user schedule and organize everything. With Buffer, all the user has to go is place all the information they want in the magic box, and the application will schedule the posts itself using algorithms and minimizing the work for the user. The posts are spaced throughout the day and sent during the optimal times for the highest traffic on social media networks. The application is ideal for personal use and business use, and saves both time and money, as it’s a free application.

The company was founded by two foreign entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom about four years ago, and the headquarters of the company is based in San Francisco. Due to visa issues with the company’s founders, Buffer quickly became an international application after it’s headquarters moved to both Hong Kong and Tel Aviv in 2012, before returning to California. When Buffer returned, the company re-launched in January, and is now available on mobile for Android and iOS.

With the re-launch, Buffer now has two million active users, which puts it on pace as growing faster than the two major social media management software applications. Buffer also offers a paid plan, called Awesome Plan, which allows users to add an RSS Feed and suggests links for users to include in their posts. Buffer as a social media management tool works with you to help boost a user’s social media profile instead of letting the user do all the work.



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