Check Your Social Media Before You Wreck Yourself

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Check Your Social Media Before You Wreck Yourself

Everyone these days has social media profiles. Anyone can upload anything they want at any time, and anyone can view it. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many other social networking websites have billions of users that can find information with just a few clicks of a button. People don’t even have to meet face to face anymore to know in great detail what the other person’s life or state of mind is like on any given day. Privacy settings aside, people other than friends and family can see what you post online. Google search has complex algorithms that can find keywords and information about anyone at anytime.

Remember to Keep it Simple

There is a simple phrase someone should ask himself or herself when they are considering making a post on social media: Keep it simple. Anyone can post whatever they want as long as long as it complies with the guidelines set by each social media web site. People can post about religion, politics, and a variety of other issues to their hearts content as long as they are not too offensive or attacking. Making a point while staying neutral is the key. Communicating an idea online can be interpreted many different ways and that interpretation is unpredictable until the information is posted. So try to avoid controversy. This is how viral videos are started, and the feedback is usually negative. Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your parents or your grandparents to see.

Your Social Media Profile is Forever

The Internet is forever. Something posted will be online forever and always, even if the information was taken down. Posting anything leaves a digital footprint, which is like a paper trail. Your professional and personal reputation can be affected to social media. Once information is out there it always will be, so keep that in mind when posting anything online.




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