May 2015 Tip: Facebook

//May 2015 Tip: Facebook

May 2015 Tip: Facebook

One of the reasons why Facebook is such a popular social networking platform is because people post facebook-254165_640content that is infinitely shareable. Sharing is caring. You can post timely content on a page to share with friends and family, but it is also important to share content with complete strangers.

Enter Facebook groups. Sharing in groups will widen the audience of your post, and help you directly share information with people who would find it useful or relevant to them.

Sharing in public groups helps because the content will be accessed by the hundreds or thousands of members, with that number growing exponentially all the time. Private groups tend to have specific niches, but people tend to be active and check those groups often since they are exclusive and usually helpful. The goal of Facebook is to get views on your posts, and groups are a great way to open the floodgates of viewers across the Internet.

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