July 2015 Tip: 6 Tips for Successful Video Marketing

//July 2015 Tip: 6 Tips for Successful Video Marketing
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July 2015 Tip: 6 Tips for Successful Video Marketing

The term “content is king” has been thrown around for years now, but it’s still widely misunderstood by businesses everywhere. That’s because many professionals mistakenly believe that content refers to the written word only. In fact, with the rise of online marketing, content has evolved to include a broad spectrum of media types, one of the most powerful of which is video. If you’re not yet leveraging this persuasive marketing tool for your business, here are 6 tips to get you pointed in the right direction.

Make an investment. Believe it or not, you can produce excellent, compelling videos without having to break the bank. All it takes is a small investment in a decent quality HD camera. It may be tempting to grab your smartphone or tablet, but you want your video marketing to reflect your professionalism, so be sure to use the right equipment.

Map out a plan. Video is a great way to connect people to your brand, but you have to have a plan before you start shooting. Figure out what stories you want to tell, whether it’s a behind-the-scenes look at how your products are made, the various interactions within your office, or a how-to video tutorial series, map out a strategy before you get started so you’ll stay focused.

Show the human side of your brand. Viewers don’t want to tune in to watch clips of your product. They want to see the people behind your brand. This is why video marketing can be so powerful. It demonstrates the human side of business and as a result, endears people to your brand.

Focus on quality, not quantity. The secret to successful video marketing is the ability to convey the desired message without losing the attention of your audience. That means keeping video clips short, sweet and to the point. If you find your clips are too long, break them out into a series of shorter ones.

Share generously. Don’t get caught up in the idea that YouTube is the only place for videos. There are plenty of other ways you can share your store through film, including Vimeo, Vine and even Facebook. Spice things up to keep them interesting. And always remember to share your videos via all your social channels to get more exposure.

Measure and modify. Just as with any other type of marketing strategy, your video campaigns should be regularly analyzed to see what’s performing best and what could use some tweaking. Some helpful metrics to look for include views, shares, embeds, repeat views and drop-off rate. Figure out what types of videos garner the most engagement and then hone your approach accordingly.

At last check, consumers listed video as their preferred communication method, so it’s quite a big deal. By putting these tips into action, you can develop and implement a video marketing strategy for your business that will gain you more brand exposure, increase conversions and boost engagement with your existing customer base.

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