6 Ways to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page

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6 Ways to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page

By now, just about every business owner knows how important it is to establish and maintain a solid presence online. Facebook has been and remains one of the most powerful online marketing tools, allowing brands of all shapes, sizes and industries to connect and engage with their existing customers and reach prospects on a larger scale. Of course, the only way to actually achieve this is by getting as many quality “likes” as possible. If you’re not sure where to begin or could use a little help in this area, here are a few tips.

Be Active – Like Google, Facebook has its own secret algorithm which is what determines how many people your page will reach. Due to recent changes to this formula, even if someone already likes your page, they may not necessarily see your updates. To combat this, you need to be as active as possible and engage regularly with your audience. That means asking questions, participating in conversations and regularly sharing content. The more you do so, the more your page will be seen and the more likes you’ll get over time.

Make it Worth Their While – Sure, some people may like your Facebook page just to show their support for your brand. If you really want to experience social growth, however, you will need to offer your audience something in return. It doesn’t have to be much. Even just regularly sharing content and resources that they will find valuable will do. Other ideas include offering coupons/discounts exclusively for your Facebook fans and hosting contests/giveaways on a regular basis.

Create Shareable Content – Applying the law of averages, it’s logical to assume that the more exposure your Facebook page gets, the more likes it’ll get as a result. The best, most efficient way to achieve this higher level of exposure is to get others to help you out. That is, get your existing fans and followers to share your content with their own networks. (If you need help developing content that is more shareable, check out these tips.)

Scratch Someone Else’s Back – Is there another complementary business that has created content that your audience may find useful? Share it! And don’t forget to tag that other brand. By doing so, you’ll begin to establish mutually beneficial partnerships with other professionals through which you’ll both be able to grow your networks. When they return the favor, every one of their fans will instantly come to know yours, and you’ll likely get a bunch of new likes of your own.

Make it As Easy as Possible – If your target audience has to go out of their way to find your Facebook page, chances are they won’t bother. If you want more likes (and you should), you need to make getting them as easy as possible. Include social connect buttons on your website and anywhere else you deliver content, such as your blog posts, email newsletters and even your electronic signature.

Cross-Promote – There’s one simple technique many professionals overlook when attempting to increase their Facebook likes and that’s asking. If you’re present on other social platforms, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, why not use them to promote your Facebook page. This is where sharing exclusive content on each network comes into play. When you let others know that you’re doing some pretty cool things over at Facebook, you just might entice them to head over and like your page to find out more.

Facebook should be an integral part of any business’ web marketing plan, but the only way you’ll actually see results is if you continuously grow your fan base. By applying the above tips, you’ll start to see those numbers steadily rise and begin reaping the benefits of all your hard work before you know it.

Still need some guidance or simply don’t have the time it takes to really make your Facebook page a success? Give us a call today and let’s discuss how we can help!

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