5 Awesome Facebook Features You Probably Aren’t Using (but Should Be)

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5 Awesome Facebook Features You Probably Aren’t Using (but Should Be)


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Of all the tools and platforms online today, Facebook remains one of the most effective for marketing a small business. You probably already know that. But, did you know that there are actually dozens of amazing features that most businesses aren’t even taking advantage of? Let’s take a look at some of these secret perks and how you can start leveraging them for your own company.

Save for Later – You’re ridiculously busy. You just don’t have time to read every interesting article or watch every relevant video clip that comes across your Facebook feed. But much of that content could be either shared or repurposed for your own benefit, right? The “save for later” feature lets you bookmark content for when you’ve got some free time.

Keep an Eye on the Competition – Want to know what your competitors are doing on Facebook? The insights section of your page now includes a list of top performing posts by other businesses that are similar to yours. This can help you hone your content to get more engagement on your own page.

Showcase Top Posts – Have an awesome post that really wowed your audience? Now you can pin whatever content you want to showcase right to the top of your page. That way new prospects that visit your Facebook page will see what you want them to see without having to scroll through pages and pages of past updates.

Track Ad Relevance – To be most effective, you want to ensure that your ads are being displayed the appropriate audience. You can keep track of your ad relevance score easily by doing the following:

  • Open your Ads Manager
  • Click on “Campaigns”
  • Choose the appropriate campaign name
  • Check the 5th column

Download History – In order to maximize the time and money you’re investing into Facebook, you need to continuously evaluate what’s working and what isn’t. Now you can do this more easily by downloading your entire page history. Simply go to your Settings and click “download now.”

Facebook can be a powerful and highly effective tool for driving the growth of your business. Taking advantage of these lesser-known features can help put you a step ahead of the competition and dramatically improve performance.

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