5 Ways Your Business Can Start Benefiting from LinkedIn

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5 Ways Your Business Can Start Benefiting from LinkedIn

At last count, the popular social networking site LinkedIn boasted some 400 million members, 107 million of which were located in the United States alone. That’s an incredible amount of professionals and a great platform for connecting, collaborating and rubbing virtual elbows with other like-minded individuals. It’s also a super stellar way to market and manage your business. Not convinced? Here are 5 specific ways you can start leveraging LinkedIn today to benefit your company.

Share content. You’ve heard it time and again, but the fact still remains that when it comes to successful online marketing, content is king. That means it’s critical that your business is producing and sharing quality content that your target audience will find valuable. LinkedIn now features a publishing platform on which you can share your unique content to gain more traction for your brand. You can also use your LinkedIn company page to share other content, such as blog posts, infographics or videos.

Boost your SEO ranking. Want to improve how your business gets found online? Of course you do! LinkedIn can help. That’s because as such a powerful and influential website, it naturally ranks higher in the search engines. That means any component of that site will also perform better. To improve your odds, make sure your LinkedIn business page is optimized using strategic keywords.

Establish valuable connections. Think of LinkedIn as the virtual equivalent to a local Chamber of Commerce meeting, only it’s online, being held 24/7 and includes hundreds of millions of professionals. Making valuable connections within your network, as well as those in complementary fields, can really pay off down the road, so be sure you’re proactively connecting and engaging with other members.

Locate and attract top talent. Gone are the days of posting jobs in the newspaper and hoping for the best. Today’s most successful businesses are turning to the web to locate, attract, hire and retain top talent in their respective industries. One of LinkedIn’s greatest features is the ability to both post job listings as well as actively recruit qualified candidates. Next time you have an opening, start here for best results.

Participate in group discussions. There are thousands of groups on LinkedIn dedicated to anything from a certain industry to a specific job function. By joining groups that are relevant to your business (or creating your own, if necessary), you’ll have the opportunity to reach and connect with more targeted individuals. The key is actively participating in discussions. Share your expertise and over time, you’ll naturally begin to be seen as a trusted resource, which will do wonders for your brand.

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