5 Simple Things You Can Do Today to Make Your Blog Better

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5 Simple Things You Can Do Today to Make Your Blog Better

Your blog is what drives the success of your website. It’s the vehicle through which you can attract new prospects and also engage with your existing clientele. That being said, optimizing your business blog so that it gets this type of results is sometimes easier said than done. If you feel like your blog could be performing better, here are a few simple things that you can apply today to start seeing improved results tomorrow.

Make Sure it’s Fast – If you bog your blog down with things like slow-loading images and too many unnecessary plug-ins, chances are you’ll lose the attention of your audience, which means potentially losing business. When it comes to blogs, simpler is usually better. Keep content relevant and concise and avoid the bells and whistles that could end up hurting performance instead of improving it.

Include Social Share Buttons – Always give your readers the option of sharing your content in a way that’s quick and easy. This will help expand your reach and also boost your ranking in the search engines. All of your blog posts should include social share buttons for any platforms you’re active on, particularly Facebook and Twitter.

Be Present – Believe it or not, one of the most popular areas of a business website is the “About Us” page. You can capitalize on this with your blog by including a picture and bio – either of your brand or whoever happens to be credited with writing the post. This personalizes the process and helps to establish a connection with your readers.

Appeal Visually – The human brain can process visual data tens of thousands of times faster than text, so while your blog posts should obviously contain quality written content, they should also be accompanied by relevant images. Just be mindful of the first tip and avoid images that are too large and might slow down the loading process.

Ask for Feedback – The more active and engaged your blog audience is, the better for your brand, so encourage interaction from your readers by inviting them to comment and share their thoughts. Coincidentally, a more active blog will also perform better in the search engines, so this is a win-win.

How does your business blog measure up? If you’re not seeing the results you’re after, try applying the above pointers and start turning things around today.

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