Leveraging YouTube for Your Small Business Marketing

//Leveraging YouTube for Your Small Business Marketing
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Leveraging YouTube for Your Small Business Marketing

When the term social media marketing is mentioned, most people immediately think of popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter. At first glance, the video sharing site YouTube may not seem like it fits the bill, particularly for business purposes. But beyond all the music and fun, this site can actually be a great tool for promoting your brand. Not sure where to get started? Here are a few YouTube best practices.

Be Consistent – Just like any other social network, the more you commit to sharing content via YouTube, the more traction you’ll get. There are dozens of different types of videos you can share, including how-to tutorials, behind-the-scenes clips, sneak-peeks of new products/services, even slide shows. Aim for a nice variety and measure to see how each type of video performs to determine where to focus future efforts.

Use SEO and CTA – Ok, acronyms aside, these two are pretty important and completely doable with YouTube. Be sure to include your targeted keywords on your YouTube profile as well as all descriptions of videos you post to help get your content found in the search engines. Also, include a call to action, either in the video description or within the clip itself.

Engage Your Audience – Make your YouTube content interactive by asking for feedback. Pose questions to your audience, ask for their opinions and request that they comment and/or share your clips with their own networks. Not everyone will do so, but a few probably will and the more engagement you get, the better your results will be overall.

Choose the Right Categories and Tags – Every video that’s uploaded to YouTube should be categorized accordingly. You should also be adding appropriate tags to your content as well. These things will help with the platform’s search feature so that your content will be found more easily. It can also help with SEO.

Let Your Customers Help – If you’re still in business that means at least a few loyal customers like your product or service. Why not use this to your advantage by asking them to share a video testimonial? Not only will it provide you with additional content for your YouTube channel, but it will also lend great credibility to your brand, which could land you more customers as a result.

Share Your Video Content – Once you’ve posted some content on YouTube, it’s time to start sharing. These things should be placed in the same rotation as any other social sharing you do. Post your videos on Twitter, share them on Facebook and imbed them onto your website. The more effort you put in, the more you’ll reap the benefits over time.

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