5 Strategies for More Effective Social Media Advertising

//5 Strategies for More Effective Social Media Advertising

5 Strategies for More Effective Social Media Advertising

There are a number of different methods for reaching your target audience via social media channels. The most basic is social media marketing, which involves mostly free techniques designed to increase brand recognition organically (i.e. without paying for it). There’s also social media advertising, which does involve some investment, though it’s still relatively affordable, especially for small to mid-sized businesses. This can be highly effective in jump-starting a stagnant campaign, but only if you do it right. That said, here are 5 strategies that can help you get more bang for your social advertising buck.

Take advantage of Facebook’s new CTA feature. You may not have even noticed it, but Facebook now offers the option to add a call to action to your business page. There are a variety of options for what the clickable button can say, including “Contact Us,” “Learn More,” or “Buy Now.” This is a quick and easy way to drive more traffic to your site and push them through the sales funnel.

Use multiple versions of the same ad. You’ve probably heard of A/B testing. Perhaps you’ve even dabbled in it with various marketing campaigns you’ve managed. This method of testing to see which type of ads get the best results is important because it helps you optimize your marketing spend. Try different variations, such as changes in color scheme or different copy, to see what gets your audience’s attention the most.

Create custom landing pages. Where do your prospects end up when they click on your CTA or advertisement? If your goal is to increase sales, which it should be, make sure you’re making it as easy and straightforward as possible for them to accomplish this. Create custom landing pages that include additional calls to action to help seal the deal. This is also important for analytics purposes, so you can determine which ads or campaigns are performing best.

Be upfront about your prices. If you’re running a social ad campaign, one of the most important things to consider is the inclusion of upfront pricing. This may go against what you’ve been told in the past about holding out on price until the very last moment, but studies have proven that today’s consumers value honesty and transparency from the brands with whom they do business. As long as your prices are fair, you shouldn’t have to worry about displaying them at the get-go.

Play on the power of savings. Let’s face it. Everybody loves to get a good deal from time to time. This is something that is powerful on a subconscious level. Play on this fact by offering specials, deals and discounts via your social media ads. Incorporate a time-sensitive CTA, such as “Act Now,” or “Limited Time Only,” and you’ll really begin tapping into the psyche of your target audience.

Social media is a powerful vehicle for generating leads and driving the growth of your business. Social advertising can help bring your traditional marketing efforts to the next level, provided it’s done correctly. By applying the tips above, you’ll be able to create more effective ad campaigns that get consistent, positive results to help you reach your sales goals.

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