SEO vs. SMO – What’s the Difference?

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SEO vs. SMO – What’s the Difference?

The goal of most online activity, at least from a business standpoint, is to get your company to rank as high up in the search engine listings as possible. The fact is, most people don’t scroll past the first page on Google, so the higher your site ranks, the more likely you’ll be to get the call when someone searches for your products or services. But achieving this goal involves a number of factors, two of which – SEO and SMO – are frequently confused as being one and the same. If you’re among the many that aren’t quite sure what the difference is between these two strategies, here are the basics.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the broad term that covers the steps one takes to improve online ranking. There are a number of different methods, usually used in conjunction with one another, that make up SEO. These typically include things like keyword research and utilization, the development of quality, optimized content and link building, just to name a few. SEO is a very important part of local online marketing.

What is SMO?

SMO, or social media optimization, is similar to SEO but is directly related to growing and optimizing a business’ social media presence. In basic terms, the goal of SMO is to enhance your company’s reputation and increase brand recognition via interactive online communities. This includes not only social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, but also forums, blogs and any other web-based community in which your business may be active.

What’s the Difference?

SMO can be a component of SEO, however, given its growing importance, most small to mid-sized companies are focusing on social media marketing as a standalone tactic for lead generation and business growth. Like SEO, SMO is about quality over quantity. That means it’s better to focus on a few key social networks rather than jumping all in and spreading yourself too thin. The main difference between the two, however, is the interactivity and focus of SMO vs. SEO.

Where SEO involves strategic promotion of your brand, social media optimization is about two-way interactions between your brand and your target audience. Social shares are extremely powerful, because they serve as digital word-of-mouth referrals. SMO involves providing something of value to your fans and followers, as opposed to shameless self-promotion. This helps to build your credibility, which lets the search engines know you’re an authority in your particular field.

Why You Should Care…

In reality, both SEO and SMO are important components of any business marketing strategy. If you’re focusing all of your efforts on SEO, however, and neglecting search engine optimization, it’s highly likely that you’re losing business as a result. With Google and the other search engines placing an even stronger weight on social presence and authority, the time to start gaining momentum in your SMO efforts is now. Not sure where to begin? We can help! Give us a call today and let us design the perfect social strategy for your business needs.

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