How to Generate Leads with LinkedIn Advanced People Search

//How to Generate Leads with LinkedIn Advanced People Search
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How to Generate Leads with LinkedIn Advanced People Search



Is the time you spend on tracking your target market’s email ids has simply gone down the drain?

Are your long email lists becoming a junk for your recipients?


Are you tired of finding your potential buyers through mass advertising?

I know… you must be going through all or one of these hurdles!

But you do not need to worry any longer…

Because times have changed and with the use of new innovative ideas, grabbing your potential leads has become quite an easy job!

You might be wondering ‘How’?

Today, LinkedIn with its user base of 400 million people, is the world’s largest professional network that offers the best sales lead generation by enabling its users to find their prospects in a much easier and quicker manner.

A Hubspot case study revealed that LinkedIn is a the social network which allows you to find the highest customers for the B2B companies













LinkedIn Advanced People Search is a search tool which provides a wide variety of Search Parameters to find people who you’re not able to find in the usual Search bar.

It widens your search within which you can spot the actual person you have been  looking for.

This search tool also helps you in your Lead Generation distinctly in a way which no other social media platform can.

Here’s how Advanced People Search Generate Leads:

The Advanced Search Filtering system allows everyone to find the relevant influencers and professional as the prospective leads.

Now there is a certain pattern which you need to follow in order to make the research right:

First of all, select ‘People’ among the options given in the drop down menu besides the Search Bar at the top of the LinkedIn homepage.

And then click on  ‘Advanced’. This is the Advanced People Search.

Once you’ll click it, a pop up search page will appear on your screen as shown in the picture below.











This search page gives you a broad variety of variables through which you can find your prospective leads in an easier and quicker manner.

For instance you want to conduct a conference of Young Entrepreneurs who have recently set up their IT start ups in Ireland.

What will you do? And how will Advanced People Search will really help you out in finding those people?


To find your Best Leads, you have to optimize your search.

In the relationship section, select all of the options so that the search list can come up with all the possible people you may want to know about.

The second advantage of ticking all of them is to see how you are connected with a particular person.

If you will click below on the ‘Shared Connection’, you will get to know who is the common one in between.

It will become much easier for you to be connected with the prospects. You may contact the person who is common to introduce you with the person you want to meet.

And that is how you grow your network and the chance of growing your future leads as well.












These are the steps through which your Advanced People Search can become really effective:

  • Broaden your search:

If you want to find people individually without any specification of a particular company. Then your main focus should be on the Job Title and Industry. This will give you all the prospective leads in that industry.

  • At the same time, Narrow down your search:

If you want to find people in a specific niche, then make sure to fill in those fields which specify those particular areas.

  • Target specific people:

If you want to find specific individuals, then make sure you mention their industry and their companies to be able to find the exact prospects of your interest.

While searching for specific people, you can directly find the customers as well for whom you are pretty sure that they will buy your product or service right at the spot or in the future.

  • Target the Consultants:

If you want to go through another channel, then targeting the consultants or service professionals is another great idea.

There is a chance where you customers might have hired some consultants to buy a particular service, by contacting those you are directly getting in touch with your leads through a much decent channel.

  • Make a List:

This is important one.

You need to maintaining a list while finding these prospect leads of yours. Once you are done, you will have a long list of leads to whom you have to connect with and build a relationship.

You can use this list to sell your offer. As you may have known that ‘Money lies in the List’. So, utilise it to the optimum level.  

  • Refine your list:

Now, the amazing part in the Advanced People Search on LinkedIn is that it gives you an unlimited criterias of finding a person. You can easily say that it goes into the nitty gritties and filters your results through every possible manner.
















Moreover, the options on the Right Side which are provided to the Premium Account Holders only, sharpens your search to a great degree.

Through these criterias, you can refine your list and have a final relevant list.














  • Build Connections:

After your list is ready, now you know the people you need to contact.  It’s the time to build connections. You can do this directly or through your shared connections.

But you definitely need to hurry and start building connections with those prospective buyers.

  • Focus on the Common Grounds:

After getting connected, your next step would be finding the common things between you and those leads. Once you find the common interest, start focusing on it.

  • Join their Networks:

Join the networks and groups they have joined. The point is to remain in their eyes. Keep informing about your product and service.

You can even create your own group as well, there you can run and moderate the discussions as per your own demands.

  • Share your content:

Create maximum quality content and then share it on every medium. Remember content is the king, as they say. Your content can get you linked with the right people. It creates more contacts and interactions.

  • Contact Directly:

The Next step would be getting direct, or simply getting off LinkedIn. Now to convert that lead into an actual sale would be talking to them directly and pitching your sale.

Fair enough?

Now after all these steps you are good to go! You have done enough of the homework and the actual link building to grab your leads.

The steps mentioned above must have told you how easy this Advanced People Search has made for us to find the people we want. It has helped the B2B companies to get to their leads in a much efficient manner.

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