Two Latest Updates to Facebook Algorithms and What They Mean for Your Business

//Two Latest Updates to Facebook Algorithms and What They Mean for Your Business
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Two Latest Updates to Facebook Algorithms and What They Mean for Your Business

Chances are you’re already well aware that Facebook uses algorithms to determine who sees your updates, when and how often. Adding to the challenge of staying in line with these rules is the fact that the formulas being used change on a regular basis. That means that in order to remain relevant and effective, your approach to Facebook must also be modified from time to time. Recently, the social media giant made two significant adjustments to its algorithms. Here’s what you need to know about these latest changes.

Facebook is measuring your authenticity.

Along the lines of previous algorithm changes that measured engagement level, Facebook is now taking things a step further and judging users’ authenticity. In order to do this, the platform is tracking two key metrics:

Personal Signals – This relates to how often a user will see an update. The more a particular user interacts with another user or page, the more likely he or she will be to see their updates.

Universal Signals – This measures actual updates. If a particular page’s updates consistently garner high engagement rates, its updates will likely be shown to more users.

In both of these cases, the key is engagement. The more you can get people to like, comment on and share your posts, the more exposure you will get on Facebook. And people are naturally more likely to interact with authentic content. In other words, be real.

Facebook is more closely tracking real-time changes.

Another noteworthy change Facebook recently made is to how information is being tracked and processed in real-time. More specifically, Facebook is constantly measuring the subject matter and engagement level of updates to determine how it should rank in the news feed.

For instance, the algorithm may prioritize a particular status update if it meets either of the following scenarios:

  • If it’s highly relevant at that moment (i.e. trending subject matter that a lot of people are actively talking about – such as posting an update about the Oscars while the awards show is being broadcast on TV)
  • If it’s receiving a high level of real-time engagement (for example, several of your followers are engaging in a heated debate in the comments section of a particular update)

Obviously it’s not possible to achieve both or even either of these things all the time, but it’s something to keep in mind when strategizing ways to boost your brand exposure on Facebook. If possible, weigh in on a hot topic that is trending and always encourage ongoing interaction on relevant status updates.

To account for this, it’s a wise idea to leverage the available tools like Hootsuite and Hubspot to plan and schedule your updates. This will ensure a consistent, active presence on social media while also freeing up your time so that if and when the moment arises when you can jump in on a timely topic, you’ll be able to do so easily and efficiently.

Facebook is like a living, breathing being that is constantly evolving. In order to get the most out of your efforts on this social network, you must be willing and able to adjust your approach accordingly so that you stay in line with the changes at hand. Keeping the above points in mind will help you adapt your strategy and stay on the right path toward social media success.

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