Using Pinterest to Generate More Sales

//Using Pinterest to Generate More Sales
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Using Pinterest to Generate More Sales

Did you know that Pinterest currently has over 150 million monthly active users? Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that 93 percent of those users rely on the site to help them plan for and/or make purchasing decisions.

From a marketing standpoint, those are some pretty amazing odds, but only if you’re taking full advantage of everything this visual social network has to offer.

If you’re unsure of where to begin or could use some direction as to how to leverage Pinterest to drive more sales, here are five easy-to-implement strategies that can help increase brand awareness, drive revenue and monetize your social media efforts.

Promote your pins.

Promoted pins look the same as regular pins, but the business promoting them pays to have them seen by a larger audience. By investing in this advertising option, your pins will receive better placement and therefore reach more targeted leads, which helps to drive brand awareness, increase engagement and ultimately boost sales. Lifestyle brand Adore Me experienced a 4,000 percent increase in Pinterest-driven revenue thanks to a promoted pins campaign. Not too shabby!

Make purchases quick and easy with “one-tap.”

Rather than having to find their way to your website where they then have to navigate to the product or service they’re after, make it super simple for your prospects to convert into paying customers by using the “one-tap” feature on your promoted pins. (One tap pins are denoted by a small arrow in the bottom right-hand corner.) This feature allows users to go directly to the pin’s origin, thereby removing several barriers to the purchasing process.

Showcase your products through promoted videos.

67 percent of Pinterest users say that video inspires them to take action. Promoted video pins automatically play right within the platform and once finished, provide viewers with a selection of related ideas, including where and how they can purchase the produce showcased in the video. To truly get the most out of promoted videos, Pinterest suggests the following best practices:

  • Use one of two best-performing video types—storytelling or how-to
  • Prioritize quality over length
  • Optimize for action, not views

Use Search Ads to get your brand in front of a larger audience.

Pinterest sees more than 2 billion searches each and every month, and most of those searches are for products or services. Earlier this year, Pinterest launched its Search Ad feature, which allows businesses to create and promote visually engaging ads to reach prospects that are searching for their particular product or service. And since 72 percent of users credit Pinterest for introducing them to a new brand, it’s indicative that search advertising is worth the investment.

Leverage buyable pins as part of your overall strategy.

Pinterest “buyable pins” allow users to make a purchase with just a few clicks and without having to leave the Pinterest platform. These pins are denoted by the “Buy It” button located in the description. What’s more, Pinterest now offers integrations with ecommerce platforms like Shopify, which streamlines the checkout process and also allows sellers to track their pin performance.

Shopping site FlyAway BlueJay reports that 100 percent of their buyable pin sales are from new customers. They also indicate that Pinterest is driving 28 percent of their overall web traffic and 20 percent of their overall sales.

Without question, Pinterest is providing businesses of all sizes and industries the opportunity to gather more leads, drive more sales and generate more revenue. By leveraging these powerful and highly effective tools, you too can realize sustainable success with Pinterest.

Need more guidance or support for your social media campaigns? Give us a shout and let’s see how we can work together!

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