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Cynthia provides a comprehensive array of social media marketing services which encompass the development of your social media marketing plan, social media management, online market research, copywriting for blogs, tracking online social media results and much more.

5 Critical Elements to Getting Your Business Found Online

As a small business, being competitive in today’s digital age is all about getting found online. Your prospects are turning to the internet when they need information about the products or services you sell, and if you’re not on the list of results, you’re going to miss out on countless opportunities. But being found [...]

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November 2017 Tip: Make Your Content Relevant to your Target Audience

Providing value to your audience is what keeps them coming back for more. Be sure to provide insights for your readers that will solve a problem or offer an insight. Keep in mind that readers can get their information anywhere on the internet today. You will need to keep your content interesting, engaging and fun. [...]

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5 Simple Ways to Get More Email Subscribers

You’ve worked hard to craft the perfect email message that you just know will get you more leads and subsequent conversions. The problem is, you don’t have enough people to send that message to. Getting people to opt in to your email campaign can be challenging, but with the right approach and a little creativity, [...]

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Are You Making These 5 Common SEO Blunders?

Did you know that Google receives over 3.5 billion search queries each and every day? Let’s face it. These days, when people want to find information, they turn to the internet. And that includes looking up businesses. If you want your target audience to find your product or service, you have to take measures to [...]

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10 Tips that Will Get Your Emails Opened

Despite the growing popularity of social media, email marketing remains one of the most powerful and effective tools for connecting and engaging with your audience – but only if they’re opening your messages. You could have amazing content, incredible offers and a really convincing call to action, but if your recipients aren’t reading your [...]

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4 Practical Ways to Measure Social Media Success

When people first started using social media for business, the goal was ‘the bigger the better.” The more fans and followers you had, the more successful your social media marketing efforts. Over time, however, it became clear that this approach was not ideal. After all, having 100,000 followers doesn’t do much good if none [...]

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5 Social Media Myths that Could Be Costing You Business

At Firebrand, we share a lot of content about the best ways to leverage social media for your business. It’s equally important, however, to have a keen understanding of what not to do. Otherwise, you could be wasting time and money, only to realize that you’re not achieving the results you’re capable of. Many [...]

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5 Must-Haves for Every Small Business Website

These days, it’s simply not enough to just have a website. For small businesses to compete today, they must ensure that their web presence covers all the important features, such as usability and mobile-friendliness. Otherwise, not only will your site fail to keep visitors engaged, but you probably won’t attract them in the first place. [...]

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5 Simple SEO Tips for Small Businesses

By now you’ve obviously heard the term SEO, but do you really know what it means? Many small business owners find the concept of search engine optimization overwhelming at best. Others are simply too busy to devote the time it takes to really get results. Thankfully there are a few techniques that you can apply [...]

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6 Reasons You Should Give Live Video a Shot

Not long ago we shared some tips for getting the most out of Facebook’s live streaming feature. But if you’re one of the many business owners who haven’t yet jumped on the bandwagon, either because you don’t feel it’s worth your time or you’re simply not into going live, here are a few reasons you [...]

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5 Tips for Standing Out on Social Media

These days just about every business under the sun has a presence on social media. The key to success is finding a way to stand out. Easier said than done? Not necessarily. In fact, with the right approach, you can effectively ensure that your voice is heard, even amidst all the noise that’s already [...]

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