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Everyone how owns a computer or any other electronic device with google-76522_640access to the Internet has also used a search engine. Google is the most popular search engine and it also receives the highest amounts of web traffic globally. However, completing a Google search is much more complex than simply filling in the search bar. There are millions of pages of search results brought back from using general phrases or keywords. Google has created a way to make search much more efficient, and given birth to the idea that people who know these ways are called Google power users.

The Secrets of Search

Anyone can type a few words into a search bar and get instant results. However, it takes a few skills to type a specific phrase or set of words into a search bar and receive pages upon pages of completely relevant information. The first way to get the most accurate results is to put the exact phrase of whatever information you are looking for in quotation marks. Google doesn’t recognize punctuation, but it does recognize some symbols as ways to provide more accurate information. Using quotes will bring much more current results overall. Another tip is to use the dash symbol in order to exclude search results. Place the dash before the first word you search, and that word will be excluded from the results, which come in handy when similar words have various meanings.

Another secret of search is searching for content by a website, instead of just anywhere on the web. This is achieved by typing site with a colon after it and then the web site you are searching for. The search term can come before the word site for the most accurate search results. Another tip is that search can be narrowed to find content by location, URL, images, and even exact words or phrases typed into the search bar. Just write the search term, place the word, add a colon and hit send for advanced search results.

Other symbols can be inputted into Google search and the search engine will filter out generic results. Using the @ symbol or the hashtag (#) will result in a majority of social media searches, as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ rely heavily on these symbols to add information to the Internet. Some lesser known symbols include using percent value (%) when looking for specific percent value, the dollar sign ($) when searching for monetary value, the ampersand (&) when searching for strongly connected words and the plus sign (+) when looking for something like blood type.