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If you have become fed up with experiencing high prices of the brands you use, social media can help you find the solution to your worries. While on Facebook’s main page, you might have observed a number of advertisements being placed at the right of your screen which sell new local brands or replicas of original brands locally with economical prices with the value added services of home delivery. That is how big brands bypass takes place.

Nowadays, the objective to reduce extra per unit cost on traditional middlemen activities, such as: marketing, distribution, outlets or new units, hire a sales-staff; and others, has become a hard target. Keeping these obstacles in mind, somewhat trendy marketers have been using social media to catch the attention of visitors to their online virtual outlets and earn a lot of money. You may find various marketers sketching items of actual brands with as much in-depth detail as possible, manufacturing similar items from the same manufacturers, and selling the products at reduced prices. With the help of social media you can sell or purchase anything from a pin to plane. And this is not everything you might experience.

With all the privileges to offer, social media has made it possible for users to bypass brands by selling or exchanging them without involving the company. You may find a lot of posts and links available on Facebook where people discuss their views about the functioning of a particular item, thereby making it potentially popular or unpopular. Cell phones, laptops, ipods, or any gadgets which have been used on a daily basis, are practical examples of brand bypass. Although, this practice benefits the end user, it also has reverse effects on the company which is the actual producer of the brand.

While many are still in their initial phases of making an impact on the decisions of end users, some big brands including Wal-Mart; Kohl’s and Macy’s have come up with different tactics to lure their customers. Diversity of products, along with “permission to sell” has really been helping these brands not only to increase sales but also to introduce their products in the markets which might have been overlooked or impenetrable in the past.

For big brands; facing difficulties to deliver their products to end users, the need of the hour is to devise a captivating social media strategy. While social media is helping numerous novices to become a potential brand, big brands can deploy it in a much better way.

These brands can rebuilt their identity through social media by establishing their profiles, educating people about the differential advantage of the brand with the help of posts and blogs, inviting visitors to take part in competitions, and rewarding them with discounts or gifts. It would enable the company to monitor activities from the part of end users, listen to their concerns and respond actively, and wash away any bad rumors about the products. Once control is developed, copying one’s product can be next to impossible.

Cynthia Cavoto is the Founder/Chief Fire Starter of Firebrand Social Media, LLC. She can be reached at (203) 414-5509 or

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