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In the digital age, anyone can have a blog. The key is standing out from the crowd and getting people to notice. This is usually easier said than done. However, the real trick is to simply think outside of the box. In other words, don’t let the limitations that other people have placed on themselves influence your blog. Think about the possibilities of your blog beyond adding photos, and trying to receive a good search engine ranking. There are several ways to do this, including adding audio or video to your blog, which will also increase your readership.

Make an audio version of your blog posts, which also gives people a whole new way to search for content and find your blog. It’s rather simple to create a podcast about social media blogging or any other topic and simply upload it right to your blog. This is a powerful tool in building a much wider audience of readers and listeners. Audio is also a great tool for advertisements. This can even lead to integrating product messages into your blog content or through ads. Adding advertisements to your blog also means you can earn some revenue, thanks to Google Adsense, which is a platform available to bloggers.

Don’t Forget About Email

Even in the age of instant messages and texting, email is still a very viable business tool. Creating email lists is a good idea when wanting to increase readership. When you make connections, you can record someone’s email address and the next time you publish content, it will go to their email account. A blog mailing list is a good tool for the blog too since all people have to do is put their email in a little box on the side and they can receive your updates without having to do any work. Email marketing platforms like MailChimp are also helpful for growing readership through email, and this application allows you to see how effect your emails are based on how many are opened, read, shared, etc.

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