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How to Generate Leads with LinkedIn Advanced People Search

Source   Is the time you spend on tracking your target market’s email ids has simply gone down the drain? Are your long email lists becoming a junk for your recipients? Or... Are you tired of finding your potential buyers through mass advertising? I know… you must be going through all or one of these [...]

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Why Brands Need to Adapt to Keep Up With Social Media

Modern social media has been around for more than a decade. But it's just getting started. The world of social media changes every year. Old social networks grow or become obsolete. And new ones skyrocket into center stage. Just consider these changes in 2014-2015: Twitter adds 300,000 users per day. YouTube is the second-largest search [...]

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Strategies for Successful Social Media Marketing

Social media has effectively branched out into marketing, and brands are utilizing it to the fullest. Social media was made for effective networking between people globally but, it soon started branching out into marketing and advertising. Not everyone knows how to use social media for their benefits and this can harm the brands image on [...]

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Mistakes to Avoid when Using Content Marketing for SEO

In the early days of the Internet, regular posting websites ruled the first page of search results. It didn't matter what was on the page so long as there were words and they were coming every day. This pushed blogs and other legitimate websites down because they could not produce quality content at the same [...]

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How the Top 3 Most Difficult Industries Mastered Social Media to Brand Themselves

Regardless of industry, mastering social media is not widely considered to be an easy task, especially when you consider the variety of platforms businesses and consumers alike have access to nowadays. While social media offers unique challenges to any business, some industries are uniquely bound by more rules and regulations than others regarding how they [...]

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LinkedIn VS Facebook Infographic

This infographic/guest blog post is provided by Brighton School of Business and Management. If you're thinking about lighting a fire for your business in 2015, give us a call at 877.209.7778 - we can help. And, for now, keep using Facebook and LinkedIn to make those connections.  

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How to Manage Your Brand’s Reputation & Customer Service in the Age of Twitter

You might think that setting up a Twitter account would be sufficient in today’s hectic online marketplace, but you would be sadly mistaken. In order to utilize today’s internet technology, you must manage your online reputation and understand how quickly your brand image can be destroyed on sites like Twitter. This recent story is a [...]

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The Ultimate Content Scorecard: 8 Essentials for Successful Curation

With today’s technology, we are literally redefining our everyday lives and the world around us. The word viral was recently given a new definition according to Merriam Webster. Beneath the once more commonly used reference of being relating to a virus, the new meaning states that viral is something “quickly and widely spread or popularized [...]

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Online Security Tips Every Social Media Marketer Should Know

As the social media manager for your organization, you control your brand’s image and message online for the world to see. And while social media can be an extremely effective medium for reaching your target audience, any mistakes made online –whether they’re your fault or not – can cause an immediate PR nightmare. For digital [...]

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SAHM Tips For Building a Pro Website

As a stay-at-home-mom, it can be difficult to earn extra income. Only certain types of jobs can be performed at home, and many of these jobs involve the Internet. One of the most popular choices for at-home mothers looking for extra cash is website building. However, even though this strategy can be lucrative for some [...]

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