November 2017 Tip: Make Your Content Relevant to your Target Audience

Providing value to your audience is what keeps them coming back for more. Be sure to provide insights for your readers that will solve a problem or offer an insight. Keep in mind that readers can get their information anywhere on the internet today. You will need to keep your content interesting, engaging and fun. [...]

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5 Social Media Trends to Watch for in 2016

It’s hard to believe, but 2016 is already off to the races. Many experts believe this year is going to be the biggest, most impactful year yet for social media, particularly when it comes to leveraging these platforms to market your business. Knowing ahead of time what to expect and prepare for can better position [...]

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5 Ways Your Business Can Start Benefiting from LinkedIn

At last count, the popular social networking site LinkedIn boasted some 400 million members, 107 million of which were located in the United States alone. That’s an incredible amount of professionals and a great platform for connecting, collaborating and rubbing virtual elbows with other like-minded individuals. It’s also a super stellar way to market and [...]

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6 Ways to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page

By now, just about every business owner knows how important it is to establish and maintain a solid presence online. Facebook has been and remains one of the most powerful online marketing tools, allowing brands of all shapes, sizes and industries to connect and engage with their existing customers and reach prospects on a larger [...]

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Developing Shareable Social Content

These days the big buzz word is “viral”. Businesses are scrambling to produce that one piece of content – be it a blog article, a video or a funny meme – that gets shared like wildfire. Why? Because more shares mean increased exposure and potential growth, something every brand wants. Unfortunately, there’s no magical formula for [...]

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Check Your Social Media Before You Wreck Yourself

Everyone these days has social media profiles. Anyone can upload anything they want at any time, and anyone can view it. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many other social networking websites have billions of users that can find information with just a few clicks of a button. People don’t even have to meet face to [...]

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Getting Content for Hootsuite through RSS Feeds

Social media is such a major networking tool that there needs to be a way to manage it. Hootsuite is a social media management system that has been around since 2008, and operates as a dashboard for all social media outlets. The user can organize the posts from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google [...]

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Who Invented the Term Social Media?

In regards to other forms of marketing, social media is incredibly new. However, it’s rules and origins are not entirely clear. When the Internet became a mainstream idea in the 1990s, people were in aw of the possibilities of the world wide web and all the doors it opened for everything from communication to medicine. [...]

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Practice Good Pagination

Good search engine optimization is all about having a bulk of content for the search engine to examiner. Submitting individual web pages to the search engine is the best way to ensure it will be ranked higher, since more pages equals more consistent content. This also means your content should have pagination to make content [...]

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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Social media is everywhere these days, and it is an important marketing component for any type of business. However, increasing your social media coverage is not something that happens overnight. Search engine optimization is a long process, since the content needs to be added to the Internet, scanned by Google, and ranked against similar content [...]

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Don’t Take Links for Granted

In the world of the Internet, links are small but powerful tools. Links are the key to unlocking information and sharing it with others with just one click of a button. Our content can be access through one link, but that one link can also open the door for other content to be accessed just [...]

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

In the digital age, using images are a great way to pull in readers and get your point across effectively. Images are a large part of social media usage, since they increase the user experience. The user experience is what he user sees when they access social media or search for content in search engines. [...]

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