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Content Marketing Is More Important than Ever 2017-04-26T01:08:31+00:00

Google did it again…

Recently Google made additional changes to their quality score algorithm, which is the method they use to rank sites in organic search results. If you accept guest posts with sponsored links or have do-follow links in your content, you need to understand how these changes might affect you and your ability to remain visible. In many ways, the changes that are being made are good for everyone, as Google seems to be trying to make quality content the priority. For those who have been relying on sponsored posts or paid links to build content, however, these changes could spell disaster.

Most businesses rely on content marketing, but those that will be hardest hit, according to Google, are those that:

  • Buy or sell links, even if there is no actual exchange of money. Even those who write product reviews and link to the product can expect to be hurt by this change
  • Have excessive, irrelevant link exchanges
  • Implement article marketing efforts or guest post campaigns with keyword links
  • Use automated link creation

Google has also changed the way it will handle the following types of links:

  • Text ads that pass along PageRank
  • Paid articles that pass PageRank
  • Links with optimized anchor text in articles or press releases
  • Low-quality bookmarks
  • Footer links
  • Embedded optimized links in comments

Google’s advice is to focus on creating quality content to which other sources will naturally link. The crucial elements are to create content that is unique and relevant. When your content provides quality information to readers, your rank will naturally improve with Google.

Creating quality content takes time, effort and excellent writing skills. Firebrand Social Media has a content creation team that can make your content marketing efforts effortless. Contact me today for more information on how to fire up your content marketing efforts.