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Big difference from some of the other free conference call services.  This one is FREE, unlimited storage, and has a great user dashboard where you can add the callers name so you know who you’re talking to!
Easy for getting started and growing!

This software is an easy way to grow and manage both your Twitter & Instagram accounts. It allows you to listen, engage and grow your audience within one platform. I can’t recommend this enough. A “must-have” for your social media management plan.

Active Campaign
This is the service that people move to when they’re frustrated with InfusionSoft or are looking for something more advanced than MailChimp.
Easy to get started and set up your contacts.
Easy to build pipelines for moving contacts along to the next phase from initial contact, discovery call booked, becoming a client, moving on to a resource etc.
Email marketing with templates or you can create your own.
Tagging vs lists so any one contact can be searched, sorted and contacted vs their actions vs a linear list.
Easy to add admins so your growing team of sales people can pop in and add contacts, update contacts and you can assign tasks to your team as well.

If you need an office to meet your clients or hold meetings or conferences, this is the place for you! They have offices for entrepreneurs or large companies. You have the option to secure your own office, or use an office for a few days per month. A great resource with several locations in Connecticut to choose from.

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