How to Make Social Media a Job

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Social media is pretty much a part of everyday life now. So why not turn it into a career? Most people spend some fraction of time each day online, and especially on social media websites. Millennials seem to be the one generation whose entire existence revolves around technology, since handheld devices and the Internet are so prevalent in everyday life. Since the creation of the Internet, business has evolved to create social media, so people can connect online and have global relationships. Because so many more people are online now a days, there is also more content online. Every business has a page, every person has their own page, and advertising is virtual as well as shopping. So it’s inevitable that true careers can emerge from the evolution of the online world, and the fastest growing ones right now are social media jobs.

Keep It Simple

Most young people have an online presence to connect with friends, but businesses and many business owners are still adjusting to the online world as a virtual business. So the first thing to do is create an online presence for yourself, so others can see how adept you are at social media. Sell yourself online and other people will begin to buy into the idea of your brand, essentially. Secondly, with most things is life, people tend to be good at a specific trade but with social media you have to be the best at every platform. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google +, etc. If you know one website, then learn them all.


Know Your Stuff

The tradeoff is learning a specific industry, so you can market a product or service on social media and be knowledgeable about it. Now the latest news, trends, ideas in your field and businesses will be drawn to the information. Also, it’s important to stay professional online, as it is a business environment and privacy setting on personal accounts are reserved for those off hours moments. Finally, the Internet is a big web of connectivity, so reach out and grow your network beyond friends and family. Connect with industry insiders or people you admire. You never know when networking will come in handy. Beyond that, reach out to a business and offer to help with social media: it’s the new way to get your foot in the door!