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Everyone is on social media, so there is a way to tell if content that you post is being seen by a wide audience of your peers and friends. With all kinds of different social media platforms from Facebook and Google +, repeatedly posting similar content could get lost in the shuffle of web pages or search engine algorithms. There are legitimate ways to measure if your posts are being viewed by large numbers of people, including using programs like Google Analytics. Comments and likes are another rather accurate measure for the amount of social interaction an individual post, although the former programs is easier for judging process over a long period of time.

Take the time or go back and research which posts you made that had to biggest impact on your audience. Aside from the time of the post, take into account the subject matter and why the audience was initially engaged with the post. See if you can find a trend between the posts in content or tone, which can be repeated in the future. Just knowing the kinds of content that your readers gravitate towards can help you plan your posts in the future. Reviewing previous content can also spark new ideas or follow up posts about content that was previously explored, making it a good idea in every aspect.

It’s the start of a new year, but it’s perfectly fine to reflect on your progress and content from the previous year. Maybe re-post some content that was very popular last year as a kind of recap for your readers, and may even bring you some new viewers. While it’s a good idea to post several of these, it’s equally important to continue to share content from other sources to avoid spamming links or information on your page.

Posting content from other companies will also add more top quality content to your page, especially if someone does a guest post. Re-posting to more than one social media platform is also a good idea, so maybe tailor some reviews to Google + if they were more successful there or try to post it with a new angel to bring in new viewers. Overall, knowing your social media worth takes time and research, but when someone works once, it’s likely to work again in the future.

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