The 8 Social Media Content Styles

/The 8 Social Media Content Styles
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Content Style Finder

1 = Agree  2 = Neutral   3 = Disagree

1. I enjoy creating discounts or coupons to attract new customers
2. I enjoy making people laugh at my posts
3. I enjoy sharing vacations, special events and other milestones in my life on social media, but nothing else.  Then it’s too personal.
4. I like to comment on posts I find interesting
5. I wish it was easier or people communicated the old fashioned way
6. I don’t understand the difference between the social media platforms
7. I love sharing things that interest me
8. I take great care to ensure my posts include great photos and grammar
9. My family/friends always have great things to say/share on social media
10. Social media is a great source of entertainment
11. I like posting events throughout my day - good or not so good
12. Social media is great place to promote your business
13. I try to engage on social media but often times someone will tell me I put something in the wrong place
14. It’s important that I maintain a certain image on social media
15. I like to comment/share on other people’s statuses
16. I love to promote my friend’s articles or statuses
17. Keeping my friends informed about the latest news, events or happenings is important to me
18. I rarely if ever post, but enjoy scrolling my newsfeed often
19. I often tag friends in other posts and events so they don’t miss out on something I think they’ll enjoy
20. Providing value on social media is important to me
21. Getting support and feedback from my social media community is important to me
22. I like to check into places when I’m out
23. I like to post my coupons/specials on my social media platforms
24. I am uncomfortable sharing information about my business or personal life