April 2017 Tip: Facebook Live Tips for Success

#1: Promote Before You Broadcast Facebook Live allows you to target your personal network, the fans of a business page (if you’re an admin), a group, or an event. If you can’t find a group or event to meet your needs, consider starting one. It’s important to let your audience know about your upcoming live [...]

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Two Latest Updates to Facebook Algorithms and What They Mean for Your Business

Chances are you’re already well aware that Facebook uses algorithms to determine who sees your updates, when and how often. Adding to the challenge of staying in line with these rules is the fact that the formulas being used change on a regular basis. That means that in order to remain relevant and effective, your [...]

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5 Tips for Leveraging Facebook Live for Your Business

In case you haven’t already heard (or seen), Facebook recently introduced a new feature that allows users to stream live video to their connections. It’s called Facebook Live, and given the current love affair with instant, live broadcast, it’s no surprise that the feature has taken off like wildfire, particularly for businesses. In fact, according [...]

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How to Boost Your Social Media Performance in Less than an Hour

Social media marketing can seem like a daunting task, especially for a busy professional. But foregoing it altogether will surely place you and your business behind the competition. What’s the solution? Do you really have to carve out hours upon hours of your already jam-packed schedule to maintain your brand’s social presence? Not necessarily. In [...]

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5 Steps to Power-Up Your Business Facebook Page

With 1.59 billion active monthly users and new features and enhancements being rolled out almost weekly, it’s obvious that Facebook isn’t going anywhere soon. That means if you’re not yet leveraging this powerful tool for marketing your business – or you’re not getting the results you want - there’s still plenty of time to turn [...]

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The Secrets to Creating Facebook Posts That Get Results

Is there really such a thing as a perfect Facebook post? We mean the one that immediately takes off like wildfire, garners hundreds of thousands (or millions) of likes and has everyone abuzz about your brand? Well, these things do happen, but not very often. Still, it can’t hurt to aim high and hope for [...]

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5 Awesome Facebook Features You Probably Aren’t Using (but Should Be)

  Of all the tools and platforms online today, Facebook remains one of the most effective for marketing a small business. You probably already know that. But, did you know that there are actually dozens of amazing features that most businesses aren’t even taking advantage of? Let’s take a look at some of these secret [...]

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6 Ways to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page

By now, just about every business owner knows how important it is to establish and maintain a solid presence online. Facebook has been and remains one of the most powerful online marketing tools, allowing brands of all shapes, sizes and industries to connect and engage with their existing customers and reach prospects on a larger [...]

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Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses on a Budget

It seems as though Facebook rolls out changes to its platform on an almost weekly basis, and many of these changes have a direct impact on how small businesses are able to leverage the social network for their marketing needs. It’s especially challenging for those companies that are on a limited budget. To make things [...]

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Social Media: Is It Enough?

Social Media has been the new way to market everything since the Internet provides such an instant exposure to everyone on the globe. Ever since social media became super popular, everyone has an account and is connected to old friends and new. Today there are various social media websites for all kinds of things from [...]

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LinkedIn VS Facebook Infographic

This infographic/guest blog post is provided by Brighton School of Business and Management. If you're thinking about lighting a fire for your business in 2015, give us a call at 877.209.7778 - we can help. And, for now, keep using Facebook and LinkedIn to make those connections.  

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Social Media as an Effective Marketing Tool

Social media is everywhere, but what is it? Social media is a tool that allows people to share information through virtual communities. These days, everyone seems to have there own social media pages. The most popular social media networks are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. They each garner millions of views each day and have billions [...]

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