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/The Future of Marketing is Mobile
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Mobile usage will overtake desktop internet usage by 2014, according to Smart Insights, and already people are more reliant on their mobile devices – phones, tablets or laptops – than any other form of connection. To remain visible, businesses and brands need to make the changes that will keep them in front of consumers. I recommend implementing these three efforts now:

Responsive Design Website

If your website is designed to be visible on a 17” monitor, but doesn’t detect and respond to the size and type of mobile device accessing the site, you will stop having visitors to your website. While this is a negative on its own, it also can negatively impact your search rank among the major search engines. A responsive design is created to work on any size device. How much traffic is passing you by?

Social Media

Think of it this way: All of the social media platforms have already gone mobile for you. They all have applications for Android and iOS, and they are user friendly and easy to access. So being visible on social media is crucial for being visible to your market. According to the Nielsen Social Media Report, social engagement is “transforming the way that consumers across the globe make purchase decisions.” If you’re not in front of the consumer, will you even be considered in their purchase decisions?

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Pinterest and Instagram are very mobile-friendly platforms that are creating real opportunities for businesses. Pinterest, in particular, can be crucial. Nearly from the time that platform was launched, it superseded LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube in driving traffic to websites, and many businesses (especially since Facebook changed their algorithm and layout) report better traffic results from Pinterest than from Facebook.

The Bottom Line

According to SIP Trunking, nearly 90 percent of shoppers have used their mobile phones to make purchases, but only 33 percent of businesses are truly visible on mobile. As these numbers continue to shift, how will you ad

Cynthia Cavoto is the Founder/Chief Fire Starter of Firebrand Social Media, LLC. She can be reached at (203) 414-5509 or

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